Human Biotechnology and Reproductive Technologies in Cultural and Religious Contexts

We welcome researchers as well as PhD-students and Master-students to a two-days workshop where various aspects of human biotechnology and reproductive technologies will be explored in cultural and religious contexts.


Marcia Inhorn (University of Michigan): Studying reproductive technologies in cultural contexts
Ole Brekke & Thorvald Sirnes (UiB): Religion and Human Biotechnology
Merethe lie (NTNU): Egg donation within the context of equal
Marcia Inhorn: Report from a Study of Reproduction-tourism. The case of the United Arab Emirates.
Marit Melhuss (UiO): The moral status of the embryo in a Christian perspective
Silje Sivertsen & Thorvald Sirnes (UiB): Substances of the Body: The Making of a Social Person.

29. – 30. October
Seminar room at Stein Rokkan Centre, 6th floor. Nygårdsgt. 5

Organized by Stein Rokkan Centre, Centre for Women’s and Gender Research (SKOK), Centre for the Study of Science and the Humanities and Centre for International Health, UiB

Download programme (.pdf)

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