Religion i nettavisene XI

Battling for religious freedom (BBC)

Catholic and Muslim leaders meet at the Vatican this week, hoping to improve ties. Christians’ right to practise in Muslim countries has been a sore point in relations – illustrated by the case of one particular church.

Obama: Bringing (Some) Evangelicals In (TIME)

James Dobson may be the only Evangelical whose Sunday school teacher apparently never warned him to be careful what he prayed for.

Who Is Joel Hunter, and Why Is Obama Praying with Him? (TIME)

As Joel Hunter explains it, his telephone prayer session with Barack Obama on Tuesday, roughly 10 hours before Obama was declared winner of the presidential election, was not intended to be as intimate as it ended up.

Row over Jerusalem Muslim cemetery (BBC)

Religious leaders in Jerusalem are warning of dangerous consequences after a decision by Israel’s Supreme Court to allow the destruction of part of an ancient Muslim cemetery.

Syria uncovers ‘largest church’ (BBC)

Archaeologists have discovered what they believe to be the largest ancient Christian church in Syria.

Uncertain times for US Religious Right (BBC)

As the dust settles on Washington following the Barack Obama earthquake, one group more than any other is expecting to be out in the cold.

Crunch time for Tibetan cause (BBC)

As many as 500 exiled Tibetan leaders are meeting in the Indian hill town of Dharmsala this week to discuss the future of their fight for their homeland.

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